Coffee & Teas

best coffee derby. cafe cereza coffee. cafeology coffeeFor great coffee, you need to start with great beans. At Bean Caffé, we our really proud of the coffee we serve, which is freshly ground, and made using beans from Monte Sion, El Salvador. Our Cafe Cereza coffee (named after the Latin American Spanish for Coffee Cherry, which is the stage coffee is known as it’s picked at harvest time) is a well balanced coffee with great depth and body. Notes of hazelnut, ripe berries in the front with subtle earthy spices emerging in the finish complemented by a smooth malty sweetness throughout.

A love of coffee is one passion we understand, but boy, did we have a lot to learn when it came to making the perfect cup. We believe we have mastered it, pulling the perfect shot that is!

A love of coffee is one passion we understand 

Whether you are drinking in or taking away, buy a flat white at Bean and it feels reassuringly heavy in your hand, the white thick layer of textured milk blending with the strong espresso…coffee drinkers won’t be able to resist. The aroma gives a powerful aromatic kick, followed by the smooth taste of the freshly ground bean… A perfect start to what we hope will be your perfect day!

 A perfect start to what we hope will be your perfect day!

Flat white, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Double Espresso, Machiato, Specilaity Filter.

As we love our coffee beans so much we have a weekly special for you to experiment with too. All cups served with a smile!

Our Tea’s are pretty special too. We serve Fair-trade mugs of tea and we also offer loosed leaf organic teas from a new company, Storm. We promise there are never any storms in our tea cups just gorgeous leaves infusing gently in their silk bags.

Earl Grey, Honey bush, Lemon Grass and Vanilla,Peppermint, Chun Me Green, Rooibos and Orange & passion fruit. Spiced Chai Tea and Mango Chai tea are a favourite with our regulars.